Sol System DefenderSol System Defender

About Sol System Defender:
The Solar System has been invaded by an alien force! As one of the few ships left in the remote Kuiper Belt, you have been thrown into the desperate battle raging around Neptune. Avoid the enemy sentry posts and take out their patrol ships, returning to the automated supply stations for repair and weapons. Get close to these and slow down to have your shields recharged.


LZ-100About LZ-100:
A Starliner is stranded in space and it appears some survivors took a chance in the escape pods in the hopes that someone in the middle of nowhere will find and rescue them. You are that someone.
As the pods appear on your screen, you must safely land them on the landing pad. However, as the survivors exist the pod, you must hold off other pods from landing until the landing pad has been cleared. Lunar Lander meets Air Traffic controller.
- Control multiple pods at the same time.
- Realistic physics using only mass and force to control pod.
- Animated graphics.
- Realistic sound effect for retro and maneuvering engines.



AsteroidAbout Asteroid:
Play Asteriods with this amazing Asteriod widget !
The Asteroid OSX Dashboard Widget is based on Gary C. Martin AsteroidsQC V0.9 Quartz Composer development. Many Thanks to him indeed !