Put Widgets in Folders

Dashboard got a user interface overhaul with OS X Mountain Lion and it now more closely resembles, surprise surprise, iOS and OS X’s very own Launchpad. You’ll find the new look when you go to add a widget to the Dashboard, and just like iOS you can now arrange all those widgets into Folders to prevent clutter and bring some organization to the widget collection.

  • Click the (+) button to enter the iOS-like widget screen

  • Select and drag a widget and drop it onto another to create a new folder, labeling it as desired

Dragging widgets out of folders causes the folder to disappear, just like iOS and Launchpad too.

OS X’s Dashboard is often forgotten these days, but it’s still the fastest way to instantly access things like a thesaurus, listen to an radio or podcast, get a currency conversion calculator or even watch TV from anywhere on the Mac.