Create a Web Clip widget

You can make a portion of your favorite webpage into a Web Clip widget and add it to Dashboard. When the webpage’s content is updated, your Web Clip widget is also updated. When you click a Web Clip widget in Dashboard, the webpage you used to create it opens.

  1. Open Safari and go to the webpage you want to make into a widget.

  2. Choose File > “Open in Dashboard.”

  3. To select the portion of the webpage you want to make into a widget, move the highlighted rectangle around.

  4. When the portion you want to make into a widget is highlighted, click it.

  5. To reposition the highlighted portion, drag it. To resize the portion, drag the round handles on its edges.

  6. When you’re done adjusting the widget outline, click Add. Dashboard appears, with the Web Clip displayed.

  7. To customize the widget, move the pointer over its lower-right corner. Click the Info button (i) when it appears, and then select any of these options:

    Theme:Choose a look for the widget.
    Only play audio in Dashboard:If your widget is a sound clip, select this checkbox if you want the sound to stop playing when you close Dashboard.
    Edit:To resize the widget or reposition the content, click Edit. Drag the content around to reposition it, and drag the Web Clip’s lower-right corner to resize it.

A Web Clip widget remains in Dashboard until you remove it. If you remove a Web Clip widget, the only way to get it back is to create it again.You can create as many Web Clip widgets as you want.