Customize Dashboard widgets

Some widgets have Info (i) buttons that you can click to reveal custom settings. For example, in a Stickies note, you can change the font style or color of the note.

  1. To open Dashboard, swipe right with three or four fingers. Or press the Dashboard key or F12 key (Fn-F12 on portable keyboards).Dashboard keyboard key

  2. Move the pointer over each widget.Widgets you can customize have a small Info button (i) in one corner.

  3. Click a widget’s Info (i) button to see the settings you can change.

  4. To exit from Dashboard, swipe left or press the same key you used to open Dashboard.

Widget features vary depending on the widget’s purpose. You may see search fields, places to type text, Back and Forward buttons, or other elements. Explore each widget to learn what it can do.