Preinstalled Dashboard Widgets

Your computer has several Dashboard widgets already installed. To view them, swipe right with three or four fingers. Or press the Dashboard key or F12 key (Fn-F12 on portable keyboards).

Dashboard keyboard key

WidgetHow to use it
BusinessChoose a business name from the search field’s pop-up menu, or type a category (such as “pizza”), and view your results in the expanded window. To change the city, click the Info button (i).
CalculatorEnter numbers by clicking the buttons or using your keyboard.
CalendarClick the pane showing today’s date to switch between a small or expanded widget. Click the arrow buttons to move to the next or previous month, or press the arrow keys on your keyboard. The Up and Down Arrow keys display previous and next years.
ContactsType a name or number in the search field.
DictionaryType a word in the search field and press Return. Use the pop-up menu to change the source (for example, to Thesaurus).
ESPNClick the Info button (i) in the upper-right corner and choose a sport from the pop-up menu. Then click News to view the latest news feeds from ESPN, or click Scores to see how your team is faring.
Flight TrackerChoose an airline, departure city, and arrival city from the pop-up menus, or enter the information in the fields. Then click Find Flights, select the flight in the results, and click Track Flight.
GoogleType a word or phrase in the field. Your default web browser opens to display the search results.
iTunesiTunes must be open for this widget to work. Use the controls to play, pause, and skip forward and backward through songs in your iTunes library or a playlist, or to listen to Internet radio. To control the volume, drag the dot in the outer dial.To choose a playlist, click the Info button (i).
MoviesThe first time you open the Movies widget, click anywhere inside the widget to enlarge it. You can view movies for today, tomorrow, or the upcoming week. To see a description, click a movie’s title. To view a trailer, click the trailer button. To buy tickets, click a theater’s name and a viewing time. If it is possible to buy tickets online, the Buy Tickets button is available.To view theaters near you, click the Info button (i) and type your zip code.
Ski ReportClick the Info button (i) in the bottom-right corner and type the name of a resort.
StickiesType on the Stickies note. To change the note color and font, click the Info button (i) in the bottom-right corner.
StocksTo enter a company, click the Info button (i) in the bottom-right corner. To view a graph that shows the highs and lows over a period of time, click a company symbol.There is up to a 20-minute delay in tracking stocks.
Tile GameClick the widget to scramble the tiles. Click it again to stop. To rearrange tiles, click a tile that borders the empty space to move it in its place. Continue until you see the picture again.To realign the tiles to show the picture, press Command (⌘)-R.
TranslationChoose the languages that you want to translate from and to using the pop-up menus, type the word or phrase in the text box below “Translate from,” and press Return.
Unit ConverterChoose a unit category from the Convert pop-up menu. Then use the other pop-up menus to choose the unit you want converted and the unit you want it converted to. Type a value in the left field.
WeatherTo change the city, click the Info button (i).
World ClockTo change the city, click the Info button (i).You can open multiple World Clock widgets to keep track of different time zones.