Search and find Mac OS X Dashboard Widgets right from your Dashboard !
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With the MiniDashboard widget, you can search and find new dashboard widgets right from your Mac OS X Dashboard.

To open Dashboard:

- Click the Dashboard icon in the Dock, or open it from the Applications folder.
- If Dashboard is set as its own space, swipe from right to left across your trackpad using two fingers.
- Enter Mission Control. Choose the Dashboard space to switch to it.

Once you're in Dashboard, you should see some widgets appear, such as the World Clock or Calculator. You can move these widgets anywhere you want by simply dragging them with your pointer.

To activate a widget, just select it. For example, once you click the Dictionary widget, you're ready to type a word in its search field. Click the Stickies widget to type a note or two.

Adding Dashboard widgets:

To see all the widgets on your Mac, click the add (+) button in the lower-left corner of the screen. This enters the widget browser. It shows you all the widgets installed on your Mac.

Customizing widgets:

Some widgets allow you to customize them so that they display information that applies to you. For example, add and remove your favorite stocks from the Stocks widget, or choose a time zone or city for the World Clock widget.

To customize a widget, look for an info (i) button. Click this button to view its settings:

- Open Dashboard as described above.
- Move the pointer over each widget. Widgets with settings or options have a small info button (i) in one corner.
- Click the Info button to see the settings you can change.

When you're ready to exit dashboard, do any of the following:

- Press the escape (Esc) key.
- Use Mission Control or Application Switcher to switch to another application.
- Swipe from right to left using two fingers on your trackpad.

Want to learn more about Dashboard? Use the built-in Help included with OS X. From the Finder, choose Mac Help from the Help menu, then type Dashboard in the search field.