xWidget is a free desktop customisation software that runs like a dashboard in Mac OS, including its graphical user interface. The application itself is simple, clean, lightweight and fast without taking up too much resources. Most importantly, you can customise your desktop with widgets and there are plenty of widgets that you can choose and add from its website. In addition, you can even design and create your very own widget using its powerful built-in visual widget editor.

Installation is pretty easy and it comes with several default widgets. Once installed, just simply drag-and-drop those widgets that you wanted on to your desktop and it’s done. You can also download additional widget from xwidget gallery of its website or get more widget from the application itself.

There are quite a few stunning widget from its collection, such as HTC flip clock and weather, windows 8 tiles, iphone 4S photo album, cool digital clock, quick access shortcut and much more. Its customisation doesn’t just stop there, you can also modify the colour and other settings for each of widget to suite your taste.


Don’t worry if you still running older version of windows (presumably, you are not running anything older than windows XP) as this software does support windows XP, windows Vista and windows 7 and the incoming windows 8.